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箸袋ロングTシャツ(蕎麦)/Chopstick long T-shirts[Soba]

7,700 JPY

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    7,700 JPY

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    7,700 JPY

金三昧J-I-S Japanese internet slang シリーズ 箸袋付きのロンT。 “Serve me more art.” ”芸術おかわり” design by 林 康孝 -Yasutaka Hayashi- 刺繍ワッペンの箸袋に割り箸付き。 オリジナリティーあふれるユニークなロンT。 左袖に金三昧ネズミ刺繍ワッペン付き ※割り箸ワッペンの位置は、左右ランダムとなります。 ※発送は通常1週間以内(土日祝日を除く)に対応させて頂いております。お届け日時等にご指定がある場合は、購入時に備考欄へご記入ください。 KANE-ZANMAI J-I-S. Japanese internet slang series Long T with chopstick bag. "SERVE ME MORE ART" Designed by Yasutaka Hayashi -Yasutaka Hayashi-. Chopstick bag with embroidered badge and disposable chopsticks. Unique long T with a lot of originality. With embroidered KANE-ZANMAI rat patch on the left sleeve. The position of the disposable chopstick badge is random on the left and right. Usually dispatched within a week (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). If you have a specific delivery date and time, etc., please enter it in the remarks column at the time of purchase. Please check if the parcel will reach your country from Japan. →

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